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Scottish Maid Aberdeen 1839

Skonnert i skala 1/50

  • kr 1.195,00

Lengde 67 cm  Høyde  46 cm  Bredde 24

Discover the Scottish Maid, a wooden model of this beautiful schooner whose purpose was to compete with steamships in the trade route between Aberdeen and London. Guided by our detailed step by step instructions you can complete your replica of this famous ship.


Built in 1839 by Alexander Hall and Company, the Scottish Maid design was influenced by the regulation of the time regarding taxes and fees for their dimensions and trips. The result was a slender hull and sharp bow, which together with a large surface of the sails would allow a rapid navigation even with large loads. The Scottish Maid regularly employed some 49 hours traveling between Aberdeen and London, and its design was widely reproduced.


Build your 1/50 scale model of the Scottish Maid, a lovely XIX century schooner. Its construction system using false keel and frames brings the assembly of your model closer to the construction of the actual ship. The model includes laser cut board pieces, hardwood, brass, die-cast and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete full-color step by step guide in 4 languages, accompanied by real-scale drawings of the ship.