noProduktnummer: Vallejo 78411

Vallejo Model Air German Red Oxide

  • kr 160,00
Contents: 6 Model Air Colors in a 8ml. bottle. Icludes step by step and color chart.

German Red Oxide: This AFV Painting System, consists in the application of a series of base colors in half and quarter tones, in a gradual change from one shade to another. These effects of light and shadow, contrast and volume, will give the scale model an authentic and realistic appearance. See also our Weathering Set for Yellow and Grey vehicles (Ref.78.405).
  601 Imprimación Gris
  039 Hull Red
  041 Rotbraun RAL8017
  253 1a Light
  105 Braun RLM26
  522 Satin Varnish