noProduktnummer: Fjernkontroll C3-STX

Fjernkontroll C3-STX

3 kanals 2.4 GHz digital

  • kr 1.790,00

LRP have announced the C3-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S radio set that, with all its high-tech features and specially selected electronic components, LRP claim it to be one of the best transmitters currently available on the market. Using the latest F.H.S.S. technology, it transmits radio signals using a certain frequency just for the blink of an eye so even if the carrier frequency is getting disrupted the interference is just affecting a fraction of the entire signal. A large LCD display enables you to view all the different setting parameters such as end point adjustment, trims, ABS, exponential as well as the ability to save and load up to 10 configurations.

Adjustment possibilities
- Digital Dual Rate Steering Adjustment (EPA)
- Digital Throttle and Steering Trim
- 10 Model-Memory with names
- 3-Step Anti Lock Braking (ABS)
- Exponential function (EXP)
- Lever for Channel 3

Big LCD Display
- 10 memory slots
- User friendly menu structure
- Permanent battery status display