noProduktnummer: Bristol Trawler

Bristol Fiskekutter

Flott og velutstyrt Tråler kar til bruk. Lengde ca 85 cm

  • Veil. pris: kr 3.860,00
  • Nå kun: kr 2.995,00

A first Class Catch

Immerse yourself in the realism of the Bristol Trawler. This ready-to-run fishing boat has so many authentic details, you'll feel like you're aboard a full-size vessel. It arrives fully rigged, too, with only minimal assembly required. And from the working lights to the wood-look deck, the fish crib to the nets, the Bristol Trawler has all the authentic looks of full-size trawlers. Just add a 3S LiPo, charger and "AA" batteries, and you're ready to spend an afternoon on the lake.

Want ready-to-run convenience? A 550 motor, 30A LiPo-ready ESC with stutter bump and Tactic 4-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio come factory-installed. Just add your 3S LiPo battery, charger and "AA" cells and set sail! With runtimes of up to an hour with recommended batteries, the Bristol Trawler is an ideal way to spend an afternoon down by the lake.


Image of aqub5719-installation-sm
The recommended battery (3S 2200mAh LiPo) provides up to an hour of cruising time per charge. The stutter-bump feature on the LiPo-ready ESC alerts boaters when power is low, so they can dock before it runs out. completely. Like all drive components, it's factory-installed for ease. "AA" and recommended LiPo batteries sold separately.

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The Bristol Trawler is packed with real-life details, from the mast lights and rigging to the rope winch on deck.

Image of aqub5719-fishcrib-sm
The decking recreates the look of wood planking found on real fishing vessels. Modelers are sure to admire the large fish crib.

Image of aqub5719-lights-sm
The LED lights on the mast and cab turn on and off with the flip of a switch.

Image of aqub5719-nets-sm
Minimal assembly required. The Bristol Trawler arrives fully rigged, with the masts installed and the nets and rigging already in place.

Image of aqub5719-winches-sm
Coiled rope on the sail winch drums add to the authenticity.

Image of aqub5719-prop-sm
A large rudder and 3-blade brass propeller make it easy for modelers to maneuver the Bristol Trawler.

The Bristol Trawler includes:
  • Painted fiberglass hull with cabin, trawling booms, rigging, masts, fish crib & working LED lights
  • Tactic TTX491 4-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio
  • Factory-installed power system including:
    • A powerful 550-sized motor
    • 30A brushed/brushless LiPo-ready ESC with stutter-bump feature, T-Plug battery connector, 3.5 mm bullet motor & universal radio connectors
    • Direct drive system
    • 3-bladed brass propeller
  • Direct drive system
  • 3-bladed brass propeller
  • Display/Workstand

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TTX491 4-Channel 2.4GHz Radio

Pushing a button creates a strong, instant and unbreakable bond between the TTX491 and the receiver. It delivers reliable, interference-free control with ease.

  • Worry-free control — no signal interference
  • Prevents the receiver from recognizing any transmitter signal except yours

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Dependability-protected by the SLT Protocol.


  • Hull Length: 851 mm
  • Width: 222 mm
  • Total Height: 737 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Requires: 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo battery, charger & 6 "AA" batteries