noProduktnummer: Carson 907082

Carson Stakehenger

  • kr 4.295,00

A realistic 1/14 scale 3-axle Stanchion Trailer for long log transports and similar applications.

For use with the range of Tamiya tractor trucks. A scale appearance is achieved by using authentic components such as machined aluminum chassis/frame.


Carson runge-trailer II 1/14

The modern 3-axis CARSON Runge-trailer for timber transportation and similar long loads perfectly complemented the Tamiya tractor series. He has numerous technical details perfectly again, such as air-spring dummies on all three axes. 2-way ball-bearing wheels, aluminum stanchions with toothed bearing surfaces or height adjustable trailer restraints are standard. The 7-chamber rear lights and license plate holder optional electrically illuminated.

Semi-trailer with spare tire kit and manual

Technical details:

  • Complete framework of protection board grid and king pin
  • Changes in aluminum, serrated contact surfaces
  • Adjustable Landing legs
  • Axes with original air suspension mockups
  • Wheels with ball bearings 2 times
  • Semi-trailer tires and rims
  • Fender set
  • Spare tire holder with a spare wheel
  • Underrun protection on both sides
  • Bumper with rubber buffer
  • 7-chamber rear lights and license plate holder illuminated optional elektrich

Technical data:

  • Length 990 mm
  • Width 195 mm